COLD CHAIN SOLUTIONSSafety, Fraud, & Quality are Real Challenges

facing global supply chains for temperature sensitive products

The stats in the US alone are staggering:

92.7% Increase in Food Recalls since the FSMA rules were released. (Source: FDA)

$40B Annual cost of Food Fraud in the US (Source: Bloomberg)

Discerning Consumers

want more information about their food origins, safe handling and overall consumption information.

Concerned Companies

worry about the risks of food safety or fraud — and the waste that occurs to prevent these incidents.

Watchful Regulators

like the US FDA, are shifting their safety focus from foodborne illness response to prevention.


The 3Ts of Cold Chain are the keys to shifting the focus from response to prevention while balancing business priorities. This becomes possible when emerging technologies enable near-real time information exchange as business transactions occur.

Your Toughest Business Challenges. Solved!

Smart Cosmos TrustLink™ for Cold Chain helps solve your toughest business challenges, including:


Increase safety with full provenance information for all your products and shipments.  


Reduce waste by accurately monitoring temperature and intelligently managing attributes such as expiration dates.


Gain full visibility for your company, your partners and customers on all shipments in your supply chain. 


Have complete traceability on every product, container, or shipment with full history.


Set temperature thresholds for containers in your shipments and get real-time notifications on excursions.


Capture quality, regulatory, transportation and other documents at each tracking event that you define.


Execute holds, withdrawals, and recalls in minutes within your facilities and across your entire supply chain.


Protect your margins by minimizing events such as rejection, quality discounts, and short-on-trucks.


Provide up-to-date information including weights, age, expiration and more at each tracking event.


Increase productivity and accuracy with multi-scans to rapidly authenticate, validate, and process inventory and shipments.


Deliver more value with your products by providing relevant information from provenance to business data.

HOW IT WORKS Digitize Your Products, Digitize Your Business

Smart Cosmos TrustLink™ for Cold Chain can help digitize every pallet, carton, package and product — truly transforming any business into a digital business.